Arthur Breur, Composer for Hire

Composer, Pianist, Entertainer, Educator

Other People’s Money… Knots

Tualatin Overture cover

I recently experienced an interesting “money knot” situation that I thought other composers (and artists in general) might find value in. First, a little bit of my own history. I have composed music my entire life, and I consider it my best talent and skill. But I have never worked “full time” as a composer. I have worked in print, graphic design, and website design, and many years ago started my own.. Read More

The Meddler

Like many artists, I’ve struggled all my life with my own self image and with self-defeating behaviors. In the past eight years or so, I’ve been gradually moving myself back into composing and performing, with increasing success—but also with increasing internal resistance to that success. A few years ago, I started working with Shell Tain as my personal coach. The specific reason for hiring her (she’s a “money coach”) was.. Read More

Art Is Business: Why I Joined a Chamber of Commerce

Tualatin Chamber of Commerce

I’ve been a composer most of my life, and a business owner for 15 years—I started “Breur Media Corporation” in July of 2001, and rebranded it as FireSpike LLC in 2013. Most of those years, the company has belonged to some business organization or another, including: Carrollwood Area Business Association, Tampa, Florida Business Networking International (Carrollwood Florida Chapter) Tampa Bay Business Guild, Tampa, Florida Portland Area Business Association, Portland, Oregon.. Read More

My Grandmother Jocelyn Would Be Proud

Some of Jocelyn's music, including Brian's Song.

When we lose a loved one, we often redirect the emotion invested in that person into other areas of our lives.  In my case, this happened very clearly upon the loss of my grandmother Jocelyn. Jocelyn was my paternal grandfather’s second wife. They were divorced by the time she passed away when I was eight, and I was unaware until much later that my father and aunt had a tense and.. Read More

Muppets as Musical Influence

The Muppet Show

Folks usually laugh when I mention that the Jim Henson’s Muppets were a big musical influence on my composing style and sensibilities, but it’s totally true. I was fortunate enough to be at a very formative age when both Sesame Street got really moving and when the original Muppet Show was on television. Each one used music differently, but very effectively, and looking back I find it obvious how much they both affected my musical compositions… Read More

Thoughts On My Composing Style

Adam Melonas' Octopop

There seems to be an idea out there that any serious 21st Century composer must be making music that is “cutting edge” or “experimental” or some other “far out” description. But why should that be the case? Consider the culinary arts. Yes, there are very talented people out there creating “cutting edge” and “experimental” foods. Google “molecular gastronomy” and you’ll see an example of Adam Melonas’s “Octopop” (which is “a.. Read More