Jodi’s Theme – Piano Solo

A piece written for a high school friend. It is also an homage to the compositional style of the John Williams themes of the 1970s and 1980s (particularly the use of 7ths in the chords and a secondary theme that starts with an upward whole step). Listen to or buy the...

Romeo and Juliet – Piano Solo

This is the piano solo version of the theme I composed as incidental music for a theatrical performance of Romeo and Juliet my senior year at Millikin University. The melody was inspired by the words “Romeo, oh, Romeo! Wherefore art thou “Romeo?” On...

Dance of the Monsters Under the Bed – Piano Solo

A fun, rollicking romp with musical references to the music played for silent movies. An homage to the spooky music composed by Danny Elfman, John Williams, Bernard Herrmann, Jerry Goldsmith and others. PREVIEW: DURATION: Approx: 3m50s LEVEL: Advanced intermediate...

Godsong – Piano Solo

One of my early pieces, and one that I’m very proud of from a composition standpoint. Listen to this piano sheet music using MuseScore:

Tema Triste, C Major – Piano Solo

Just a short theme I improvised in November 2012. Luckily I recorded it, otherwise I’d have completely forgotten about it! (Easy version in C Major.) Listen to this piano sheet music using MuseScore: