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Piano Sheet Music: Sky In Motion (Piano Solo) by Arthur Breur

Sky in Motion Cover

This piano sheet music is for the composition “Sky In Motion” which was composed for and dedicated to Sepehr Keyhani. “Sepehr” means “Sky” so the title seemed appropriate. The feel is very movie score, and once I knew that the piece was going to have that feel, I ran with it–even “finishing” the composition by adding a solo intro line that (in a movie) might be played over the last.. Read More

Piano Sheet Music: Arthur Breur – Jodi’s Theme

A piece written for a high school friend. It is also an homage to the compositional style of the John Williams themes of the 1970s and 1980s (particularly the use of 7ths in the chords and a secondary theme that starts with an upward whole step). Listen to this piano sheet music using MuseScore:

Piano Sheet Music: Arthur Breur – Romeo and Juliet Theme – Piano Solo

This is the piano solo version of the theme I composed as incidental music for a theatrical performance of Romeo and Juliet my senior year at Millikin University. The melody was inspired by the words “Romeo, oh, Romeo! Wherefore art thou “Romeo?” On this one, I intentionally used the major 6th opening interval from a number of John Williams’ love themes, and used chord progressions inspired by Stephen Foster. Listen.. Read More

Dance of the Monsters Under the Bed – Piano Solo

A piece I originally composed for piano and keyboard ensemble (to imitate a full orchestra and pipe organ). The piece was premiered at Millikin University at my Senior Piano Recital in 1990. It is an homage to movie score composers—including John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, Danny Elfman, Bernard Herrmann—as well as to the sound of the piano performances that would accompany silent movies.