March to Bethlehem – Piano Solo

A march composed to represent the shepherds, the angels, the star, and the stately wise men. Listen to this piano sheet music using MuseScore:

I Love You – Piano Solo

A piece of music I composed in high school in response to my very first crush. Melodic, longing, and sweet, this piece has more depth and emotion that it appears at first glance. The music is not difficult, and the piece is a favorite in performances.

Ragtime No. 2: Solace – Piano Solo

A ragtime homage to Scott Joplin’s “Solace – A Mexican Serenade” composed between 1993 and 2009 by Arthur Breur. The piece was composed in reverse order: the final section (D) was composed first, in the early 1990s. About 15 years later I...

Ragtime No. 3: George Takei Rag – Piano Solo “Made Easier”

Happy 76th birthday, George Takei! (“Made Easy” arrangement available.) This piece is composed off the letters of George Takei’s name (just continuing the additional letters of the alphabet up the scale after A-G), and from patterns created by other...